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Hi! I'm Eunice and I live in Bolton, Lancashire, with my two dogs Sophie and Sugar and an assortment of cats - well it used to be Sophie and Sugar, now it's Sophie and Poppie. I first began camping back in 1997 when my then partner took me to Anglesey for my birthday weekend. We slept in the back of the car - a hatchback - using the cushions off the settee at home as a mattress, and cooked and brewed up on a single burner camping stove. The site was good, the views were great, the weather fantastic and I was completely hooked. Following that weekend we got a two-man tent and some proper accessories and returned to Anglesey two weeks later, then over time we progressed to a three-man tent followed by an old trailer tent, then a new trailer tent, a campervan and finally a caravan. When my partner decided that the grass was greener on the other side of the street - literally - in April 2009 and I suddenly found myself alone after fifteen years, I decided there was no way I was going to give up camping and caravanning if I could cope on my own. This blog is the story of my travels, trials and tribulations since becoming a solo camper - I hope you like it

Monday March 23rd 2015 - The A - Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Having taken part in the 2013 A - Z Challenge but giving it a miss last year I've decided to have another go at it this year; it remains to be seen whether or not that's a wise decision. And for anyone who doesn't know what it's all about then this  - http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ - will explain it all.

As this is first and foremost a camping blog the theme for my Challenge posts this year will be 'places I've stayed at or visited while camping', with each post containing a few (hopefully) interesting facts and snippets of information about each place. And as I've never yet stayed at, or been to, anywhere beginning with Q, U, V or X it will certainly be a challenge to write something beginning with those letters. So - will I succeed or will I fail? Will I see the Challenge through to the end? Hopefully I will, so why not make yourself a brew and log on each day to read what my camping brain has managed to come up with. And if you like what you read then please feel free to make a comment or ask a question - I promise I won't bite!

Sunday March 8th 2015 - Goodbye winter, hello spring

Now according to the calendars, and a decision made by some nameless person from way back when, the first day of spring is classed as March 21st, however I beg to differ. For me, the first day of spring was Friday.

Although there had been an early morning chill when I took the dogs for their first walk the sun came out and warmed the day up nicely. Birds were singing in the trees at the bottom of the garden and when I went to work at lunch time it was so pleasant that for the first time this year I drove with my van window open. Yesterday was very much the same and it was so mild that when I went shopping I was able to dispense with my outdoor jacket and wear my lightweight tracksuit top instead, then taking advantage of the glorious afternoon I took the dogs for a good walk in the fields a few minutes walk up the road from home.

Today started off rather dull but by lunch time the sun was back,and although there was a stiff breeze blowing the afternoon was still very pleasant. So it was off out with the dogs again, this time round the local golf course where Sophie and Poppie had a great time running hell for leather through the nearby fields. Walking along one of the tracks through the golf course I saw that the many gorse bushes were beginning to turn yellow - another sign of very early spring. It won't be long now before they are in full bloom and making big splashes of bright colour against the green background of the fairways.

With the sound of the birds in the trees and sheep bleating in a nearby field I could have been a world away from civilisation and as I walked along I thought how lucky I am to live on the northern outskirts of the town with this lovely countryside almost on my doorstep; no matter how many times I walk round there I never get bored with it or take it for granted. Back home the dogs collapsed into their beds, obviously tired from all their running about, but no doubt by tomorrow they'll be raring to go out again - and if the day is just as good weather-wise then I'll be quite happy to join them.